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In Gratitude

by Shay Vasudeva

It’s been almost one year since I moved out of Omaha, Nebraska, and one year since I resigned from my career. This was a caregiving career I studied in for seven years and worked in for five. It averages out to 37.5 percent of my total life and 85.7 percent of my adult life!! But who’s counting right?

I didn’t realize how much I wrapped my identity in my job. I didn’t realize how much grief had surrounding the resignation until I got ready to sign the paperwork in October 2014. I think I wasn’t aware because I enjoyed the company and team. I resigned on really good terms, and for the ‘right’ reasons. I was on my way to the company to resign and I could not stop crying. Being a spiritual person, I did a simple prayer asking for support. Before I got there, I drove in to the Centering Corporation parking lot. I entered, and met Ben and Janet. They listened, gave me a lot of tissues, and gave me space to cry. Eventually, I was able to talk and they informed me of resources that helped caretakers walk through grief. Very patiently, they talked to me about grief coming in all sorts of sizes, shapes and forms, and yes there could even be this much grief around career.

They showed me a few booklets, the Grief Digest, and had an open door for me to visit as many times as I needed during the transition.  I also got to meet the rest of the team – Marc, Joy, and the big dog Barney!

Now, almost one year and several tissues later, I’m able to write about my experience and thank them for the work they do.

I’m also well into the start of a new career and doing better with work/life balance, having learned from this experience! So, thank you Janet, Ben, and the Centering Corporation Team for helping me transition!

In gratitude,