Finding the Right Words

Finding the Right Words

It’s important to ask for help from friends and family; let them take on some of the responsibility of companioning your child through her...
Mood Busters

Mood Busters

Treasure that book. Write your heart out. Glue yourself to loving people. Revive the spirit. Keep moving. Save the day. Don’t let emotions, comments,...

New Books, DVDs

A list of new titles to Centering's catalog of grief resources.
Healing The Ache

Healing the Ache of Alienation

Dr. Doka says that in every society there are unspoken rules that specify who, when, why, how, how long and for whom a person...

Standing In Her Stead

I won't be haunted by this hole in my heart, but rather grateful for its existence. Because it means that our bond was real...

Five Myths About Grief

Our society continues to perpetuate a number of myths about grief and mourning. These myths may seem harmless, but I have found that they...

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

This picture is looking into your heart. Showing you that she is with you—always looking for you. She is the “object in...
“We are all mirrors unto one another. Look into me and you will find something of yourself as I will of you.”
— Walter Rinder

Love And Grief

The absence of the person you love wounds your spirit, creates downward movement in your psyche, and transforms your heart. Yet, even though you...

The Landscape of My Grief

Upon reflection, it seems such a curious contradiction, this gift of ongoing life from such a tragic death. And yet, I see this cycle...

Grief Through the Eyes of a Child

After losing my mother I realized that we are all going to die eventually. When I understood that at such a young age it...